ProcureCon Marketing Conference – a Great Line-up for Next Week’s Event

We’re only a week away from the ProcureCon Marketing conference at London’s Tower Hotel on June 14th - 16th.

It’s amazing really – not too many years ago, such an event could have been held in the back of a black cab, as precious few procurement functions had much real influence over marketing spend. But now, whilst it still isn’t 100% by any means, procurement and marketing in most large organisations will be working together to get the best possible value form the marketing budget.

Looking at the agenda, it’s clear that a number of the hot topics in the sector will be covered – as well as some discussion we suspect about Pepsi-Cola and their high-profile sacking of the marketing procurement team a few months back!

- How can procurement focus on value, not cost, and through that talk the language of their marketing colleagues?

- Segmenting marketing spend – how should the very different elements of the marketing “super-category” be addressed?

- The whole world of “programmatic buying” and the issues it raises around understanding exactly what marketers are getting for their money when they invest in digital marketing (how many “bots” are viewing your advert?)

- Technology, and how that is impacting on the whole range of procurement and supply chain activities within the marketing space.

The speakers from the procurement side come from a “who’s who” of the top marketing businesses in the world – Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, L’Oreal, Mars, SAB Miller, Nike, eBay, BT … it really is a very impressive line-up. Then there are interesting folk from the agency and provider side as well as independent experts such as our friend Tina Fegent (who has forgotten more about this topic than we ever knew). My only regret is that the organisers didn’t get another friend of ours, Richard Kirstein, to come and talk about his excellent book on music rights buying but never mind, perhaps next year!

There is still time to register, and there's a discount for readers, just use the code Spend15, but don’t delay if you are tempted – last year’s event was a sell-out. We hope to be there as well, so look out for our reports from the event coming shortly.

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