A brief encounter with Concur

A huge name in the T&E module of P2P but arguably not as well known more broadly, Concur has been a brand under the SAP umbrella since 2014. I attended my first SAP ‘Influencer’ event last week in Moorgate, London thanks to Ravi Sundaramurthy, Head of Systems Integrators at SAP Concur.

An intentionally cosy event, no pitch, no big reveal, this was an informal evening to mingle with peers, SAP partners and team members. No showstopper perhaps, but we couldn’t fail to be impressed with the data-driven content that accelerates rapid strategy updates from sports management on football defence player lines, base line tennis serves and rugby tackle impact for head injury risk. Check out UK-based Keytree to see how they’re using SAP technology in gum shields!

Frédéric Puche, Innovation Director at SAP, is a secret weapon in the SAP armoury (or at least I’ve never seen him on an SAP stage before). A fun and engaging presenter, who seemingly knows his SAP tech back to front honed in on the bite-sized mantra, ‘Connect, Store, Analyse, Predict, Act’ to get his message across about the inter-connectivity across all of SAP’s estate of platforms through various interesting scenarios, mainly sporting analogies that we could all relate to, but also how data is being used in HR to predict employee flight risk, the reasons behind departures and potential measures to mitigate the exits. Similarly, we learnt about data-based predictions on which sales reps will close what percentage of their pipeline. I predict that being a hit with sales functions.

So, the SAP Influencer evening wasn’t necessarily about Expense Management, but more broadly about bringing business intelligence to business processes by gleaning data from across the SAP ecosystem. It was impressive to see how partners are innovating with the data, taking Keytree as a great example.

I shall be bringing more insights into Concur in the coming months and how the power of data is being used across platforms to maximise the intelligence it brings. These are exciting times for data, ‘the new oil,’ and seeing how the different providers and partners are using it in different ways to innovate is a game changer for procurement.

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