A chat with Avetta’s ‘new’ CEO – what the next 12 months hold for Europe (Part 2)

Yesterday we wrote about the first half of our interview with the fairly new CEO of Avetta to catch up with plans for Europe following the Browz merger last year. Part 1 will tell you more about Arshad Matin and his role as CEO of this end-to-end cloud-based global supply chain risk management provider.

So what does the coming year hold, we wondered

Arshad is excited about the Connect platform, because “it’s built from scratch, is SaaS-based, and is equipped with the most modern tech available today. It lays the foundations for clients, suppliers, contractors and vendors to improve outcomes related to safety, procurement practices and sustainability, powered by predictive data analytics. But importantly,” he says, “it is designed so that customers can create value on top of that through partners or on their own.”

The analytics allows customers to bring data from many sources into the cloud-based platform where the user can create customised dashboards, visuals and reports. They build these to their own specifications so that they have a high level of visibility into the areas of concern to them. The high level of configurability, visibility and control makes it a leader in this space.

“So this year’s goal, on the product side, is to continue to enhance this functionality,” says Arshad. “In fact, we have some exciting new capabilities in the pipeline around the dashboard and reporting features – we can expect to see changes at both the work and management levels. We also plan to make our API more extensible so that customers can bring in even more partners. And you can expect to see some new relationships with other providers who sit alongside us in the broader supplier ecosystem.”

Avetta also intends to concentrate on its support and services side. It is rolling out its Service v3.0 which is their next-generation support model, where, he says, “we are taking the capabilities to the next level” -- we’ll have to wait to hear more about that.

“Suffice it to say, we are in the business of making sure our clients and suppliers are as efficient and effective as possible in whatever they are trying to do, and part of that is done through the service we provide. This is just as important to us as the product itself.”

Expanding partnerships

Also exciting, he explains, is the broadening of Avetta’s network, giving more value to its suppliers. As part of the network, they can get access to better rates, discounts and insurance- and safety-related services, and discover exactly what level of coverage they need for the client they are serving, so they can save time and money and improve performance.

This is a new sign of change in the industry, we are redefining the relationship with the supplier – they work with us not because they are obliged to, but because they gain additional value from being part of this community. And we’ve got a lot more to come in this area too, as more suppliers join, the more data and the more choice we have.”

We can expect to see Arshad spending more time in the UK, visiting clients. He’s very interested in the whole ESG agenda coming out of Europe, with Davos just finished, and believes the US is starting to rise to the challenge that Europe is embracing. “Our clients in Europe want to take us in new and exciting directions, and we are on board with that challenge, keeping environmental, social and governance concerns top of mind. In fact, certain large UK customers are asking for social and sustainability questions to be included for all contractors and suppliers, going beyond safety issues. The point is they want to do that through Avetta and not through another system. This tells me they are starting to see Avetta as the one place to go for a single source of truth – and that is down to our amazing platform.

“We are really focusing on relationship building, and the time is ripe now to work as a global organisation – not as a North American firm with overseas customers. To do this we intend to strengthen our European operations, build a bigger local presence, enhance local support, operate in even more local languages, and support more country-specific regulations. And we are doing this because our clients are demanding it, and we are responding to that through investment. The next 12 to 24 months will be exciting times.”

Arshad began our conversation saying that the business is committed to a mission approach. They see their position as the preferred platform for clients for everything related to the supply base, including ESG. In fact, Avetta has just signed the UN Global Compact to which they are committed to do as much as one company possibly can.

“Our aspiration,” he says “is to bring all points of truth into our platform, whether they are collected by us or a partner. The great team I work with and the investment we are making in our platform this year, have opened up that opportunity for us, so we are just beginning to tell our story.”

We thank Arshad for an insightful and honest look into the next 12 months at Avetta – and we hope to keep you abreast of both product, support and local developments as they are announced.

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