A contradiction in terms – a “traditional” supply chain reference App!

(Our new Netherlands site includes regular articles from Hadewij van de Kamp, and one of her great ideas is to review supply chain “Apps” suitable for your Smartphone. Here’s the first in a regular series...)

My challenge is to find the top 50 most useful and innovative SCM applications for the modern gadgets that we all possess. I’ll start with a simple example. Let's look at the "Supply Chain Management Terms and Glossary".

What is it? A glossary, a sort of Concise Oxford Dictionary for SCM concepts. The scope of the descriptions contained though is limited -  I think Wikipedia has more information. Thus, the term purchasing is described as' The functions associated with buying the goods and services by the firm”. For me, the definitions are often brusque, and sometimes I would even dare to argue with them.

Yet I must confess that I certainly am not familiar with all the terms. The collection of assembled searched terms is impressive - more than 2700! The developer, Pastec Software Pvt Ltd, uses definitions from leading authorities in the field of purchasing, supply, logistics, contract management and all aspects of materials management. In fact, the definitions run beyond SCM, with terms such as Deming cycle, the 5S method, and descriptions of Risk Management and HRM.  But the glossary misses common procurement terms such as supplier relationship management and best value procurement.

Is it a good app? It might be handy perhaps to have it on your phone, but it is not unique. We may well already have lists and dictionaries, and you can always look up the concepts on the web. I therefore think the App is too static, and that is what makes Supply Chain Management Terms and Glossary not particularly attractive. It should have been possible to do more than just putting definitions in alphabetical order - for instance, linking them into phases of the supply chain process. Perhaps this will be included in the next release....

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Fees (we are, after all Dutchmen) amount to 89 cents. In the UK, 69p.

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