A global market in bright young people?

Here is a piece on university options from the Telegraph which, as one of the comments pointed out, must be a first for that paper in that it is totally pro - EU!

It highlights the options for UK kids who may have not made the grades they required to get into the university of their choice; universities from France (remarkably cheap apparently), Germany and the US are queuing up to take them.  Courses are often delivered in English, there may well be more 'contact hours' than in the UK, and a degree from Maastricht or Melbourne may help you stand out from the crown when it comes to job applications in a crowded market in a few years' time.

If this actually strikes a chord with anyone, please do read on down to the 'comments' in the Telegraph and in particular the one  from 'Quaternion' at 1932 hrs on the 21st - an excellent check-list of points to consider.

Anyway, this does appear to be one of the those markets that is truly becoming more global.  Other areas within what we might broadly term 'professional services' have (as we pointed out in our book) stayed pretty much national or at best regional.  But education looks as if it might lead the way in terms of real globalisation.  That might be good news for the UK, with traditionally strong universities and language advantages.  But while we may see more clever non-UK students coming to the UK, we may have to get used to more of our brightest and best disappearing off to Harvard, Tokyo or Milan.  Maybe all in all, that wouldn't be a bad thing for the future of humanity.  But I'm still hoping my daughter chooses the UK rather than New Zealand if and when she does her Masters...!

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