A message from Cable Beach, Broome, Australia

So it is a public holiday in the UK today (Spring Bank Holiday) and in the USA (Memorial Day).  But much of Continental Europe had last Monday as holiday rather than today.

We won't therefore be blogging seriously today. However, in the holiday theme, I received an email this morning from Ruth Miriam Pires, ex Trading Partners marketing manager and the editor of our Spend Matters Newsletter. (They'll be a new issue out this week, by the way).

She is traveling in Australia, and has reached Broome in North-West Australia. After a bit of research, I can tell you that it has a fascinating history, mainly around the pearling industry, and is now mainly a tourist town, surrounded by amazing coastline (it is on a peninsula) with empty deserts lying just inland.

cable beachSo here's a picture of Cable Beach, near Broome, where Miriam is right now. It is so named as it is where they laid the first telegraph cable in 1889 linking Australia to Java, Singapore and then on to the the rest of the world.

It's a very pleasant morning here in Surrey, England, but looking at a few of the photos of Cable Beach.. oh well, at least I don't have to worry about deadly jellyfish here!

Back to reality here tomorrow.

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