A Procurement Compendium – New Book Launches Today

Our good friend and, until this year, MD of Spend Matters Europe, Peter Smith, needs no introduction to our regular readers. For those of you newer to Spend Matters, Peter has been involved in procurement for more than 30 years: he has been a procurement director and consultant; is a Fellow and was 2003 President of CIPS; has also been CPO for D&B (Europe), the DSS UK Government and the NatWest Group; has acted as a senior procurement adviser to key UK Government bodies, and has also served as a non-executive director with two large UK public organisations.

Suffice to say, Peter knows a lot about procurement across all sectors, and for the past eight years has been putting his substantial accumulated knowledge to work writing for this site, presenting at industry conferences around the world, analysing solution providers and market trends, and, writing books in his spare time!

So it is with great pleasure that we are able to tell you about Peter’s new book – a Procurement Compendium. It is an anthology of all aspects of working within the world of procurement, is a fine read, interesting, sometimes funny, but most of all, very informative for all procurement leaders and practitioners.

But we’ll let Peter tell you the script:

“Jason Busch and I launched Spend Matters in the UK (and Europe) back in 2010, several years after he had started his US site. By the time I stepped back at the end of 2018, I reckoned that I’d written around 3 million words broadly about procurement in those eight years – in articles, briefing papers and case studies, webinars and workshops …

Whilst all those worlds still exist in the digital world, I started thinking about two issues. Firstly, what if an alien civilisation visits Earth and eliminates all our digital records through some amazing weapon? (or even by accident)? OK, that is a bit of an extreme risk, but nonetheless, anyone who still has important documents stored on floppy discs will know that digital records are maybe not as permanent as we think.

Secondly, the nature of a website like Spend Matters is that articles come and go very rapidly. Whilst some deserve that fate, I couldn’t help thinking that I (and indeed colleagues and guest writers) had produced some material that would bear reading again and perhaps being available for longer-term consideration.

So putting those factors together, the obvious answer was to produce a book, a physical record of my best work, a compilation or Compendium of articles that seemed some years down the line to stand up to reading again. They were originally published on Spend Matters sites, including PRO, plus a few I think from our short-lived jobs board too. Articles that related to very current events often didn’t stand the test of time, although in some cases such as the London Olympics, the events were significant enough that it still seemed interesting. Much of what I wrote about technology quickly dated, but the odd article made the cut. It was fascinating to read again my article about this interesting little US firm making its first foray into the UK – Coupa, it was called. I wonder what happened to them!

A Procurement Compendium is the end result, published today (September 11th). It’s a collection of around 100 articles, ideal for consuming in small bites, and ranging through procurement advice, technology, leading-edge thinking, criticism at times of events in the procurement world (often public sector), and a bit of humour – who can forget our CIPS-certified hero James Pond, Licenced to Practice (procurement). I decided to self-publish (and I highly recommend the Self-Publishing Partnership who helped enormously with that) and this means I can choose to sell it for only £12.99, unlike Kogan Page books with their £30-£40 price points.  It’s only £4.68 for the e-book and £6.99 for the Kindle version.

You can buy it from Amazon of course, or other stockists are listed on this Google page. I hope readers will enjoy it, and I am very willing to sign a copy if and when I see you! And – moving into hard sales mode - it is a perfect Christmas present for the procurement person in your life. Or why not buy one for everyone in your team! (particularly if you are the CPO of Ford, Glaxo, IBM, Unilever …)."




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