A re-cap on our five ‘new’ procurement suppliers – in case you were on holiday!

I’m very aware that this time of year, most people, even our esteemed readers, disappear off for two weeks of sun, sand, Disney, rock-climbing, cathedral-visiting or whatever floats your holiday boat. That means you might just have missed some of our articles, shocking though that seems.

We’re not going to repeat everything we write over the holiday period, but thought it was worth re-capping on a series we ran a couple of weeks back, for those of you who may have missed it. We looked at five “new” firms who should be interesting to many procurement practitioners, providing solutions as they do that will have relevance to many in the profession. In reality, three are genuinely pretty new, young firms; two are well established but just haven’t been featured by us before.

Here is a bite-sized summary of the five, with a link to our full article on each one. If you haven’t checked this out, then do bear in mind that keeping up with interesting and relevant technology developments and firms is an essential part of any procurement practitioner’s job these days. If you don’t do that, someone else will – and that might just be the competition, either personally or at a business level.

If you did read them all first time around, well done, and sorry to have bothered you! We’ll have more new material for you in a few hours time.

Lean Linking – New Danish firm helps you communicate and collaborate both inside your own organisation and with key suppliers using a neat, social-media type cloud-based platform.

POD – a clever contractual mechanism to help manage the problems that can occur if you contract for more ‘stuff’ than you really need.

Ivalua – not a new firm, but an established Franco-US “source to pay” suite that can rival the biggest for breadth and capability, now pushing harder into the UK.

Bolero – not new again, but an impressive platform that digitises the documents concerned with physical movement of goods around the world to save time, money and hassle.

Arachnys – pretty new London-based firm, pulling together information from numerous sources to help inform firms about their suppliers, partners and others they deal with in all parts of the world.

Hope you found the material useful.


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