A short break from procurement – happy Easter holidays to our readers

To all our readers who are celebrating religious festivals, or simply enjoying a public holiday or two (as in the UK), have a good weekend. We’re not publishing our usual quota today or Monday but will be back in full on Tuesday. We’ll have some musical thoughts over the weekend too.

If you can’t do without your fill of procurement content however, the US are working today and Monday so you can read what my colleagues there have to say. It’s also well worth reading Jason Busch’s multiple posts (e.g. this one) from the Coupa Inspire event this week – we’ll summarise next week, but this is important not just for Coupa users but anyone interested in where P2P and perhaps wider procurement technology is going. Coupa is no longer the industry upstart – they’re beginning to ‘make the weather’ themselves.

And if you are still lacking your daily injection of procurement, don’t forget you can download (free on registration, click for the link) our two recent briefing papers.

Centralise or Devolve Procurement – why not both?  Here we look at the perennial argument about procurement structures and suggests that technology is changing the paradigm.

Managing Complex Categories; Beware the Complexity of Standardisation!  This paper tackles one of the basic principles of category management, standardisation, and says – be careful!

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