A Supplier Management treasure-trove from Declan Kearney

Declan Kearney is a Supplier Management guru. He doesn’t look like a guru – no flowing robes and white beard for him – but he understands the topic as deeply as anyone I know. We’re not talking about “just” SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), but rather the whole end to end range of issues around managing suppliers, and particularly collecting, managing and using supplier information.

Kearney was the founder of Supplierforce, who developed impressive software that addressed the SIM area. It was pretty much unique in the industry, but after a few years on his own, Declan and Supplierforce were absorbed by Dun & Bradstreet. There was an obvious fit there with D&B’s range of products, which obviously address certain aspects of supplier information.

Anyway, after a couple of years with D&B, Kearney has struck out on his own, and has formed a new consulting firm, 360° Supplier View.  He’s also published what he calls a White Paper titled – “Supplier Management – Market Insight”.

But it’s a bit more than what I would call a White Paper, being a pretty serious piece of research around supplier management in terms of good practice, case studies (both good and bad), and analysis of the key issues.

And that’s before we get into a vendor analysis, looking at software and solution providers across the supplier information and management spectrum, sub-divided into a number of areas (Supply Sustainability, Supplier Information Management etc.) That all makes it an impressive piece of work, both as a very valuable reference document and a source of good practice guidance.   Frankly, I'm amazed he's giving it away for nothing...!

Here’s more detail of what is included, from the document itself.

This paper, with reference to various case studies, proves the financial value of investment in ‘Supplier Management’, defines the typical ‘Customer Challenge’ and market trends and analyses the Supplier Management market (‘The Market’, comprising Technology and Services,) across each of the PESTEL factors, i.e . Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Environmental/Legal/ Regulatory. The paper also provides a snapshot of the market provider landscape, a more detailed look at the segments of SIM, Risk, SRM and Supply Sustainability and the emerging segment of Social Supply Enterprise Collaboration and provides context in the related markets of ‘Supply Chain Software & Services’, ‘Governance, Risk and Compliance’ and ‘Procurement Outsourcing’.

We’ll have more on the White Paper to come, but in the meantime you can download it here (free on registration) - it is well worth the effort.

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