A welcome to Claire Herbert, our first intern / editorial assistant

We’d like to welcome Claire Herbert to the Spend Matters team.  She will be working with us over the summer on a part time basis as editorial assistant. She’s pretty good on all this technology stuff, so I’m hoping she might also take us into some exciting new areas – videos, podcasts, live streaming from the Spend Matters HQ... OK, maybe not quite that far!

Claire is doing a degree in Economics at the University of Kent, and as well as being a bit of a techie, she is also into music (singing, playing, listening).  Sounds like the perfect fit for Spend Matters! She’s not quite sure what she wants to do after Uni, so I asked her if she had ever considered a career in procurement. After the hysterical laughter died down, I asked her to think about it for a while, and here’s what she came back with....

A Career in Procurement

If you had asked me six months ago if I would consider a career in procurement, I probably would have said no, with a rather confused expression on my face. The main reason for this, to be completely honest, was because I had barely any clue as to what procurement was.   Initially researching it, it didn’t sound like the most exciting job – obtaining goods and services (in its simplest terms), but digging deeper I became more attracted to the idea of working in this area.

The projects that procurement can offer will satisfy a lot of students who have recently graduated and are looking to put their newly acquired knowledge into action, which I certainly did not appreciate before working in this sector myself.  So not only does it seem to be a great place to start in the daunting world of employment, but appears to offer the opportunity to work with many other parts of your organisation and more widely with suppliers and different business sectors.  The knowledge and experience of other industries it can give you allows you to progress and pursue an exciting, challenging and (most importantly) interesting career.

But let’s face it, what many students are really concerned about these days is the pay. We’re all leaving university with holes the size of Texas in our wallets, and so we look for jobs where we can end up with a good salary.

I discovered the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) who say -  “Our 2013 salary survey shows that procurement and supply professionals largely get paid more than their peers in marketing, finance, IT and human resources.”

Sounds pretty good to me!

So why are there not as many students applying to this sector? I sent out a quick survey to 100 economics university students, and only 13% said they would consider a career in procurement. The main reason for this was because they simply didn’t know what it was. I admit that I was also one of these students, but I’m glad I took the time to find out, otherwise I wouldn’t be here now!

Claire Herbert

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  1. Phoenix:

    …which says that our Institute still has a lot of work to do in UK universities. Not just having a themed year for the President, but really investing in the future of the profession and, therefore, in the Institute itself.

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