Add water shortages to the list of supply chain disruption events

I just had a comment on LinkedIn in response to a Tweet I did earlier (my goodness, this social media thing is exciting but time consuming isn't it!)

And old friend from Northern Ireland pointed out that water shortages needed to be added to my list of snow, volcanoes, and riots as potential supply chain risk factors.

As you probably know, Northern Ireland is suffering from water supply problems affecting over 30,000 people.  Pipes have burst following the recent cold spell and reservoir levels are getting low  (hard to believe in a country where it has rained every single time I have visited.  Constantly.)  It makes you realise how much we take these things for granted; and, as my friend Mr Murray pointed out, it does perhaps need to be added to that risk register list!

I also wonder whether the problems at NI Water might have anything to do with their top management turmoil this year - taking their eye of the ball?  Read here if you haven't followed the excitement previously...

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