Addressing the Challenges of the Travel Procurement Manager – Webinar

“The lodging offered by your preferred supplier is 20% cheaper and you have never had any reason to doubt the quality of its service.

But a senior sales executive insists that you book lodging at a swanky hotel that’s closer to a key account – otherwise the hot deal he is negotiating might be at risk. Trouble is, the more expensive hotel may not comply with your strict T&E policy. You just don’t know and you are having trouble getting answers. So, what do you do? It’s a classic procurement manager’s dilemma. You’d like to be flexible and make an exception, but if you are not careful, an exception can become the norm, and costs (both direct and indirect) spiral out of control.

Hotel accommodation can be an even bigger status symbol than who has the best executive chair back in the office, or who drives the best company car”.

That’s the beginning of an interesting article titled “Easing the Pain of Hotel Booking and Travel Spend Management” on the Spend Matter US website, written by Julian Kulkarni, VP Marketing of Roomex. He also provides an impressive list of challenges for the procurement travel manager!

“The procurement team faces a variety of opposing challenges. To name a few:

  • We are under pressure to reduce the average cost per room-night
  • Finding the best deals is time-consuming
  • We need to check whether suppliers conform to our travel policies
  • We have negotiated rates with preferred suppliers but know we could sometimes do better
  • Last-minute changes of travel plans are part of our business
  • Our business travellers have varying expectations of quality of accommodation and service
  • We need to reduce the administrative burden imposed by various payment methods
  • We have a duty of care to ensure that business travellers can be easily contacted at a moment’s notice
  • We want to reduce our exposure to credit card risk

These challenges cannot always be resolved. Costs saved addressing under one heading often pop up under another …”

You can read the whole article here – and you can join Julian and Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe next Tuesday 21st November at 12 noon (UK time) for a free webinar. They’ll be taking about "Buying Travel Services in the Digital Age" covering the above issues and more and giving delegates the chance to ask questions too.  You can register here – and tell your travel category manager!

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