Fieldglass webinar on the Agency Workers Regulations – are you up to speed?

I confess – I’m vaguely aware of the Agency Workers’ Regulations which come into force in the UK on October 1st, 2011, but I don’t pretend for a moment to be an expert.

It’s going to have major ramifications for many organisations though, that much is clear. One of its key provisions is that temporary workers’ benefits must be aligned with internal staff after 12 weeks.  As government guidance says, they will have “entitlement to the same basic employment and working conditions as if they had been recruited directly, if and when they complete a qualifying period of 12 weeks in the same job”.

Now many organisations I know have no idea how many “temps” they’re employing at any given moment, what they cost, where they are or what they’re doing in the organisation, let alone how long they’ve been in place.

So we’d suggest that relevant procurement staff need to get up to speed with this if you’re not already. One way to do that could be to take part in this webinar run by Fieldglass, who are one of the US market leaders in software and related services that help clients manage their contingent / temporary labour workforce.

You can register here - it’s at 3pm BST on Thursday 8th September and should be interesting and informative – I certainly intend to listen myself (so I can then sound a bit more knowledgeable about the issues on Spend Matters)!

And on a separate but different note, what’s the longest you’ve ever seen a “temp” employed for?  My record, in a UK public sector organisation, was someone who had been there for 16 years (on a very good day rate too). He was in a specialist scientific role and the defence from management was “he had unique skills, no-one else can do what he does”.

I pointed out that in the 16 years, they might just have been able to achieve a bit of skills transfer if they’d tried...!

But can anyone beat that?

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  1. Christine Morton:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the link, Peter – the webinar was pretty good at determining the steps one has to take within an organisation to comply with the legislation, but there was less information covered on the types of workers affected (I asked the questions about consultants operating via limited companies and also about agency workers on contracts of employment with their agencies). Still, a good webinar and I think they’re putting the slide packs online tomorrow.

  2. Christine Morton:

    As you know, Peter – I used to be the category manager for the OGC’s local government temporary labour area following my successful Capital Ambition project. Local government at the time was spending £2.2b annually on temporary labour, which was at the time 10% of the entire UK temp labour industry.

    The longest serving agency worker found throughout my travels was 26 YEARS at a London local authority. 26 YEARS with no sick pay, no pension…

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