AI in Procurement – A Breakfast Briefing Invitation

You may remember towards the end of last year we ran a breakfast briefing with HICX (at the very nice Searcy’s restaurant at the top of the Gherkin in London, with excellent food too) to debate the AI revolution in procurement (read about that here). It was very successful, in fact, it was so oversubscribed that, unfortunately, some people had to be turned down. Because of that, HICX is re-running the event, actually three of them:

  • The UK one takes place March 14th, Searcys at the Gherkin (London) – 8.00-8.30am registration, to finish at 11am (register here)
  • Switzerland is March 7th, Clouds at Prime Tower (Zurich) - 8.00-8.30am registration (register here)
  • Sweden is March 5th, Grand Hôtel (Stockholm) - 8.00-8.30am registration (register here)

As AI is now starting to make an appearance in day-to-day procurement activities, think guided buying and catalogue management for instance, helping end users make the best choices when they place orders, HICX believes it’s now time to start thinking about the more strategic areas where AI can contribute – maybe category strategies, sourcing processes, supply chain risk. So the discussion will centre on what procurement executives need to think about to start preparing for this coming ‘revolution.’

Giles Breault, Co-founder of The Beyond Group AG, will be talking about how to prepare for a digitally enabled future, suggesting practical advice. Digitalisation, he says, takes thought, careful investment, time and resources. He aims to help senior executives better understand:

  • the first step towards digitalisation
  • the overall technology landscape, sorting out the basic vs. the more advanced
  • a stepped decision process to ensure technology is in-line with company objectives

Then Costas Xyloyiannis, founder of HICX and computer scientist by training, will present his views on AI, particularly in the context of AI opportunities and how to prepare for this with the right data (HICX being specialists in supplier information management of course).

There will also be round table discussions about the areas where AI can make a difference, and predictions of what “procurement” might look like in the AI-enabled world.

So this is an event for senior executives who want to understand what they should be thinking about right now to take advantage of the AI opportunities that are coming. It will focus on data-readiness, as HICX believes this is where the key to successful AI implementation lies. If the last event is anything to go by, attendees will leave the morning feeling they have taken away useful information and advice, not only from the presentations and discussions, but from the debate that follows and from their peers as they discover each other’s successes, interests and issues.

Places are strictly limited, owing to space, so do sign up now.

And if you are considering attending, you might want to do a little preparatory thinking about:  what you see as the big opportunities, the risks we need to be considering, and how AI might impact procurement skills.

There is also some additional reading you might like to download – the first is a whitepaper “The AI Revolution in Procurement,” with featured contributions from Peter Smith, formerly MD of Spend Matters UK and experienced procurement executive; another is “Understand Your Suppliers – Do You Know What's Happening Below the Surface?” which reveals the underlying importance of good data – all relevant to AI of course.


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