AI-Powered Data Categorisation as a critical business success factor – a webinar with Creactives and Siemens

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We introduced you to Creactives last month, following their move into the Spend Mattes 50 To Watch list. Creactives, based out of Italy, has developed AI-powered solutions combined with knowledge engineering to help procurement and supply chain organisations cleanse, harmonise and enrich their existing data as the bedrock for an efficient digitisation programme.

Their virtual assistants are integrated with any ERP or SRM platform, via non-invasive add-ons, with no impact to the existing IT environment, to prevent errors and duplication in purchasing processes right from the start. Though data in purchase orders, invoices, material master data and catalogue items is mostly unstructured, in multiple languages and sometimes categorised in different taxonomies, Creactives harmonises that data at source to create accurate and actionable data.

Its solutions understand more than 25 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean and use a combination of Machine Learning (to learn from historical data), semantic rules (to encode business knowledge not inferable from the data) and crowd learning (to learn from interactions with end users) to make sure the data on which business-critical initiatives depend are accurate and robust.

More than 50 large multinational companies have implemented Creactives’ Virtual Assistants, Spend Analytics and Material Master Data Management solutions to optimise their purchasing processes and make business data accurate and actionable. One of those is Siemens, whose Senior Vice President SCM Digitalization & Data Management, Sebastian Kahlmeyer, and Senior Manager SCM Digitalization & Data Management, Dominik Rheinheimer will be speaking at an upcoming Spend Matters/Creactives webinar to provide a real-life example of how the solution is used to harmonise and optimise data, determine ROI and deliver bottom-line savings.

We will also be hearing from Magnus Bergfors, our VP European Research and Lead Analyst, on why harmonised procurement data categorisation requires applied AI solutions, and what difference that makes. Magnus will also give a grass-roots explanation of data categorisation, the complexities of unifying it, and the common downsides of badly categorised data including what that can mean to an organisation’s overall efficiency.

Adriano Garibotto, Creactives’ Co-Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, will also be there to answer questions about how you can obtain full visibility of new procurement data sets, for example from M&A activity, and to give unbiased advice on what people should be looking for in a platform to suit their organisation’s needs.

So join us for our webinar on July 2 to learn:

  • Why harmonised procurement data categorisation requires applied AI solutions
  • What potential the harmonisation and cleansing of procurement data offers and how you can determine ROI
  • How to obtain full visibility of procurement data sets

All will overseen by our GM Europe, Jenny Draper, who will be hosting our guest speakers and fielding your questions.

Details are as follows:

How to improve your data categorization process with zero impact on your existing IT system environment

Thursday July 2, 3pm-4pm BST

More information and registration is here

And you can learn more about Creactives here


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