Album of the Year?

It came out a couple of months ago, but I've just bought Two Dancers by the Wild Beasts and it is an immediate contender for my Album of the Year.

Whether it is because of their Cumbrian origins, away from the music hot-spots,  but it sounds like nothing else around at the moment; elements of  indie, of dance, of  art-rock, but brought together  into something identifiably their own.  I have to warn you that there is heavy use  of falsetto vocals; but it never feels like an affectation or a 'gimmick', as the songs twist and turn through unexpected yet hook-laden wanderings.....  And apparently some of the lyrics are quite rude but can't say I noticed till I read the reviews.

Anyway, quite brilliant stuff.  Early tip for the Mercury Music Prize 2010?  Worth a tenner I think.  9/10.

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  1. Neville Godwin:

    For me it’s a toss up between Riceboy Sleeps eponymous album and Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons….. IMHO

  2. Fran Sumner:

    Having never heard of the Wild Beasts (nor falsetto vocals until now to be honest!!) I did a bit of googling! The review of this album in The Guardian is not quite so positive! ‘Preposterous, camp and at times boldly original’ !! Don’t think they would give it a 9/10!! I will have to YouTube them to see who I agree more with!!

    1. admin:

      But see these…(the Times REALLY likes it)! What do the Guardian know anyway….

      I stick with my judgement….thanks for the comment though!!

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