Our Albums of the Year – a Preview of Everything We’ve Enjoyed in 2016

In the week leading up to Christmas we will be giving you our top 30 albums of the year, with the number 1 revealed on December 22nd. But we have had complaints previously that we don’t give our readers time to go and buy our tips as presents for trendy teenage kids, hip aunts and uncles, or even rockin' great-grandfathers (Mick Jagger) .

So here is a list of the 63 albums we have listened to and enjoyed this year, classified by the type of music – very broadly – which might give you an idea of what would make sense for whom. You might pick up some hints as to some of those which will feature well in our list, but all of these are very worthwhile works in their own right.

OK, I have failed to get the list displayed here properly- you are going to have to click on this top-albums-master-list and get my Excel list! Sorry...

Let's leave you with this - the amazing Let's Eat Grandma,who will be threatening the very top of our chart on December 22nd!

PS  We forgot Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker from our list. Nancy would never forgive me. Make that 64 albums.

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  1. Paul@Provalido:

    Still using Excel? Get with the times – you need a cloud-based album listing solution.

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