Amazing football fact and congratulations to Sir Alex

This is truly spooky...

If you have any interest in football, one of the five greatest British managers* of my lifetime, Sir Alex Ferguson, celebrates 25 years in charge of Manchester United today.

And the top four teams in the Premiership today? Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle (by some fluke) and Chelsea.

Now have a look at this.

It's the League Division 1 table from 25 years ago exactly, when Ferguson took over. But don't look at the top - look at the bottom. The bottom four placed teams? Yes. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Newcastle (in their proper place).

Now that is amazing! And as someone asked on the BBC website, does that mean in 25 years time, the Premiership will be contested by Wigan, Bolton, Wolves and Blackburn? I think not, somehow.

* Ferguson, Shankly, Ramsey, Clough and Paisley. In my opinion.

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  1. Rob:

    Money has had a significant influence over football but one can’t simply can’t take a broad swipe at this.

    I recall the days (zzzz) when all footballers were (broadly) paid the same and one particularly woeful footballer (who then became an equally woeful football presenter) decided that he should be paid more.

    Then there was the world’s first million pound player etc etc.

    Then we saw the first rich ‘owner’ willing to invest in his club and enable the purchasing of players which included the then record-breaking transfer of £3.3m for Alan Shearer (who was then sold on for another record-breaking figure of £15m…). He never spend more than £7m on a single player.

    But for me, Sky TV has been the prime catalyst for creating such a significant issue within English football.

    £28m for a defender? And selling a player for £80m who, in the final week of their contract, will eventually earn £500,000 per week? Crazy.

  2. Lee Rimmer:

    You have missed out on Don Revie. He is one of the five surely?

  3. Dan:

    As a City fan, its difficult for me to praise anything United, but Ol’ Puce Face has done a good job with them. He was lucky in that their success coincided with the explosion in global popularity of the premier league, but that initial success was well earned. Money doesn’t always equal success – just ask Real Madrid, who are even richer and bigger than Utd.

    1. Andrew Young:

      Yes, Real Madrid have really struggled for trophies, haven’t they?

  4. David Atkinson:

    I agree with Bitter and Twisted. Money.

    I also find it impossible to even think about Taggart’s success at Manure as some grand achievement. When it you’re in charge of probably the richest/biggest brand football club on the planet, it must be really tough to win trophies.

    Football was a proper competition when even Man Utd could get relegated. Will never happen again, as it won’t with Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City, Tottingham……

    It’ll probably happen to Newcastle though…. 🙁

  5. bitter and twisted:

    Oh yes, its brilliant that money has won out in the end.

  6. Rob:

    Amazing! Well spotted.

    On minor little thing I would like to point out is in relation to this specific sentence…”does that mean in 25 years time, the Premiership will be contested by Wigan, Bolton, Wolves and Blackburn? I think not, somehow.”

    One must not forget that in 94/95 season, one of those teams actually won the Premiership….one of only four teams ever to do so.

  7. Phoenix:

    And the mighty Sky Blues in eighth.

    Now sadly in swift decline…

  8. David Atkinson:

    ….and Sunderland nowhere to be seen (‘in their proper place’).

    1. Peter Smith:

      I must confess.. you do have a point there. And that was a supoerb goal from Taylor yesterday – was watching it at the gym and i almost fell off the cross-trainer!

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