Amazon & Ariba, SAP & eBay, and The Fellowship of the Spend

I'll dive straight into content this week:

Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell mused on the imminent storm of change in the world of  B2B merchant experience, specifically focusing on Amazon's entrance into eProcurement. This piece is behind our paywall, but if you'd like trial access so you can read it, I'm more than happy to provide one. Send me a quick email!

Earlier this week at SAP's Sapphire conference, the ERP giant announced a fascinating new partnership with eBay. We have lots of thoughts.

Apparently procurement people love (LOVE) the idea of a Lord of the Rings-themed procurement webinar because registrations are through the roof on this one. I suppose we'd all like to live in a world where it's all about spend - and hobbits?

Of Tesla, graphite, and cobolt: There are many reasons for Tesla to pursue a radical supply chain strategy in developing new, localized sources of supply for the giant battery facility that it is planning on building.

The Spend Matters Network is growing. A lot.

We think procurement should control payments, and we've got 10 reasons why. What do you think??

Have a lovely weekend, all! And send me your opinions on hats at Henley!

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