Amazon Business Exchange – First European Customer Conference for the Procurement Community

In what we think is rather exciting news in the B2B space and for the procurement function specifically, Amazon Business is holding its first ever business customer conference in Europe. Amazon Business Exchange, aka ABX, will take place on October 9th in London this year.

Why do we think that’s exciting news? Following Amazon’s mammoth success in the B2C world, many people on both the buy-side and sell-side have been anticipating what the firm would do next in the B2B sphere. Since the inception of Amazon Business in the US only a few years ago, the firm has expanded that success story into the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and India markets. Through sheer dedication to its customers, by listening to, understanding, and innovating on customer wants and needs, Amazon Business has created a buying experience for firms that was once the domain of only the ‘home’ or ‘personal’ buying community. Through what has been rapid take-up, the firm now serves millions of business customers and hundreds of thousands of business sellers around the world. And now it is bringing together the procurement and supply chain community to connect and collaborate on procurement transformation, innovation, and how to build more agile, efficient processes.

Given how much Amazon Business has already achieved in customising and basically transforming the business buying process, with access to hundreds of millions of products for example (alongside business-specific pricing & selection, single- and multi-user business accounts, Business Prime, approval workflow, purchasing system integrations, and payment solutions, to name some of the advantages) it will be fascinating to hear what the firm might bring to the table next in terms of new features and benefits tailored for the business user.

So Amazon Business invites leaders from procurement, finance and the supply chain across all industries to gather for a day of networking, presentations, dedicated breakout sessions, and Q&A interaction with its leaders, experts, partners and customers. Topics will include procurement transformation, analytics, KPIs and cloud procurement, supported with insight from Amazon Robotics, AWS Marketplace, and procurement and supply chain heads from some of the firm’s most well-known customers and partners, including TUI Group, GE, Siemens and Bouygues Construction. And they, along with Amazon Business representatives, will be happy to answer all your business buying questions.

There will also be a dedicated panel discussion on how to manage organisational change and disruption whilst continuing to innovate. Given that this is Amazon, you can expect a running theme throughout the day of design thinking and innovation, something the organisation has demonstrated it is particularly good at.

In testimony to Amazon Business’ distinct customer focus and commitment to innovation, the whole event is free to attend for senior procurement and supply professionals. As Todd Heimes, Director of Amazon Business Europe and host of Amazon Business Exchange, said in a recent press release:

"We are excited to bring the procurement community together to connect and collaborate. Attendees from all across Europe will learn how to accelerate their procurement transformation at this event, while also discovering how to innovate quickly and build more agile, efficient processes and organisations – all free of charge.”

We hope to see many of our readers there on 9th October at Victoria House Basement, London for a 9am start, at what should be a worthwhile new business event for leaders within procurement, finance and the supply chain.

More information and registration can be found here:

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