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The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a new logo on the site.  They're an interesting little start-up firm, you may not have heard of them yet - American Express.

Joking aside, we're delighted to have one of the best known firms in the world sponsoring us. We worked with Amex last year on a White Paper on public sector issues, pre our own Spend Matters launch - we'll make that paper available here soon. And we'll be doing more with them later this year in terms of writing and probably an event or two.

Everyone knows their personal Card products - but their range of  'Corporate Purchasing Solutions' are perhaps better established in the US than in Europe.  However, they have some interesting differentiating factors compared to their competition; particularly when you get up to their real leading-edge payment solutions such as vPayment.

They've been establishing a presence in the UK public sector card and payments market for the last couple of years since they got a place on the Buying Solutions "payment cards" framework, and they're strong when users want tailored programmes where control and data are key.  They're less interesting, or interested, where a card is purely being used for the odd and ends of ad hoc purchases. They are also of course one of the largest corporate travel services providers in the world.

Anyway, more to follow I'm sure, and we're looking forward to working with them over the next year.

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