An Easter Musical Treat – The Strypes and Beck Goldsmith

Here’s an extra Easter holiday musical bonus for you. We try and keep you ahead of the mainstream here, so keep an eye on The Strypes, who may well be huge this time next year.  Ridiculously young (still just 15-17 years old) Irish kids, they’ve been getting attention for the last year or so, playing early Who and Beatles songs, R ‘n B (as we used to define it) but with real energy and flair. Now their first single is out – Blue Collar Jane. It’s a slab of energetic, punchy rhythm and blues, that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the great Dr Feelgood’s best albums. And this track is self-composed, which suggests they can be more than simply an engaging covers band.

Now, a huge change of gears /styles and tempos. I caught this track the other day when it was used as the backing music in the trailer for the new BBC series “The Village”, which started last night.  I’ve never heard of Beck Goldsmith, although I’m investigating her music now, but I love her voice, and this is a beautiful, beautiful version of a well-known song, bringing a whole new dimension to it. (This has always been my favourite of the UK’s “patriotic” songs, and we might argue, would be a better national anthem than the current dirge).  Anyway, this is just wonderful.  And you can download it here for just £1 here.

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  1. Frank Treanor:

    Excellent track form the Strypes – are they playing Reading?

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