An Oracle ERP procurement update with Jason Busch + more Spend Matters US revelry

Did you miss out on the Enrich-sponsored webinar we did yesterday where Jason Busch crammed as much information as possible on Oracle's ERP procurement into 30 minutes? Have no fear: the recording is here.

Thomas Kase braved the blistering heat of Arizona to attend the Supply Chain Insights conference (and learned a lot of interesting things about robots!) Here are his initial thoughts, and he's also done a piece on The Supply Chain Index, "a better way to assess the company value impact of well-performing supply chains." Though I'm not going to lie: the robots were definitely the most interesting from all of his coverage.

The entire Spend Matters analyst team has written a tale of Mastercard, Basware, and the tragic irony of exploring payments and discounting. There's more on late payment impacts, too.

It's your lucky day!! If you happen to be looking for a highly category-specific procurement approach to softwood lumber, then we have the solution for you.

You may have been up at nights scratching your head as to whether centralized or decentralized procurement was better. Sleep easy: there's no debate necessary.

Here's a little bit more from Jason Busch on the Accenture Spend Trends Report.

Finally, here are our initial office poll predictions on the Scottish Independence Referendum. It was an internal nail-biter...and by the time this publishes, the world will already be well into analyzing the final results!

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