Andrew Karpie and Forbes on the Future of the Workplace

Andrew Karpie

In the year or two that our colleague at Spend Matters US, Andrew Karpie, has been writing for the website, it has become clear that he is a world expert in his field. This is a man who knows more about the technology that manages contingent labour and other forms of complex professional services engagements than – well, anyone, really. That also makes him a visionary about the whole way “work” is going to develop in the years to come, and the changing nature of the relationships between the employer and the employed.

That has been recognised by Forbes Magazine, who featured him in a Q&A article published on November 30, titled “The Workplace Will Be Radically Different By 2025, Are You Ready?”

Forbes contributor Elaine Pofeldt asked Andrew about the rise of online talent platforms and how they are changing the labour market and workplace by creating new ways of conducting and managing work. Head on over to Forbes for the full interview, and we seriously suggest you read it for the sake of your own career as much as to learn anything of “corporate interest”! But here is one snippet:

"Pofeldt: Does this mean the “job” as we know it is going to disappear?

Karpie: The big shift that we’re seeing is the dissipation of the industrial employment labor economy and standardized forms of work arrangements. What we’re seeing now is that technology is making it more and more possible support other types of work arrangements. Now the workforce is starting to make that shift as well. People are calling it the freelance and gig economy. I think we’re heading to a new paradigm of work, with various kinds of work arrangements. Full-time, extended engagements of workers by businesses are not going to go away by any means, but a business’s workforce will increasingly consist of many different kinds of work arrangements".


The growth in the contingent workforce, the role of procurement people and functions in helping to manage it, and the technology to support this activity, are all areas of interest here at Spend Matters. As Spend Matters US said last week; “The use of freelancers and the growing number of digital platforms available today to manage these independent contract workers is something we have talked a lot about in the last nine to 12 months. But the rise of the “gig economy” and what Andrew calls “work intermediation platforms” (WIPs) has caught the attention of mainstream business media, perhaps showing how prevalent these topics are becoming in the business world”.

Europe is perhaps a little way behind the US in this regard; but if these areas are of interest, below we have given links to relevant articles on the Spend Matters website over recent months. As the “war for talent” shows no signs of abating, there will be more to come, to be sure; in the meantime, do take a look at the Forbes article.

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