Announcing Spend Matters monthly hot topics – starting with Complex Professional Services

It’s October!

And in the innovative, challenging spirit of Spend Matters, we’re going to be starting a new initiative this month. Regular readers will know that Spend Matters UK/Europe is a varied, eclectic collection of articles (if you’re being kind) or a random, unstructured pot-pouri of whatever catches our procurement-centric attention in any particular week, if you’re being less charitable.

Seriously, we don’t want to lose the eclectic nature, but we think a little more structure would not go amiss. So, starting now, we are going to have a “Spend Matters monthly feature” or “hot topic” for each and every month (except maybe August. And perhaps December).

That might be something category related, such as Marketing Services spend, or it could be related to a particular sort of process, tools or technology (e.g. Spend Analytics or e-Invoicing perhaps). Or it might be across procurement issues in a particular market sector such as Health, Pharma or Automotive.

Clearly, not every one of the 70 or so articles we publish every month will be on that topic, you will probably be glad to hear. But we will be writing regularly through the month on our topic, as well as featuring it in our newsletter and perhaps other formats (such as a webinar for instance).

So, our topic for the very first month is – “Buying Complex Professional Services”. What does that cover, I hear you ask? That definition for us covers Management Consulting, Legal services, Financial and and Audit services, as well as Contingent Labour services and the stuff that falls somewhere in that landscape, such as “statement of works” type engagements. There may be some other related an interesting areas to explore too. Observant people will spot that plays nicely into my co-authored book, so yes, we might be plugging that a bit! But don’t worry, we’ll have some new thinking and ideas too.

We will be inviting solution providers to sponsor and support each month, but we’re going to run this whether or not anyone wants to do that. We think it is a good opportunity for your firm to be associated with us and have the chance to contribute to thinking and debate in the specific area, but then we’re biased of course. (And a sneak preview of November – that will be “Procurement in the Health Sector”, fitting in nicely with the major HCSA Conference, at which I will be speaking. So let us know if that is of interest).

And look out for our first article on this month’s hot topic next Monday.

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