Announcing the CPC Consultancy Category Management Maturity Survey

We covered the work of the Consultancy Procurement Council (CPC) and their first very successful  summit in the Spring. CPC is the “a peer learning group for senior procurement professionals specialising in consultancy procurement to meet and share best practices regarding how to buy consultancy services better”.

CPC is now launching this year’s Consultancy Category Management Maturity Survey (CCMMS). This looks at consultancy procurement practices and processes, and CPC would like to invite any organisation interested in this category area to participate. The Summit got around 100 people together, so the core CPC members should provide a decent sample size for the survey, but as always, the more that participate, the more useful, relevant and interesting the results will be.

If you are interested in knowing how your consultancy category management compares to that of your peers,  this survey should be very valuable. In the greater scheme of things, the consultancy category is often quite a “young” one for procurement professionals, even in larger firms, so for many I’m sure there are useful potential learnings from this type of exercise.

The survey targets procurement professionals responsible for consultancy spend within blue-chip companies globally, (although I’m sure public sector organisations can equally well participate and benefit) and outputs will provide specific insights to inform category strategies, we’re told - which procurement approaches work and which do not? What does best practice look like?  It also covers key trends in both supply market and sourcing practices.

Participation is confidential, and everyone who completes the survey will receive a complimentary report covering the data and the key findings. CPC Members will also be invited to a conference call to discuss the analysis of the findings.

So, if you’d like to take part in the Survey or have any questions regarding the CPC, please contact Bhavika Patel (  And we also look forward to reporting on some of the key findings from the survey ourselves in the Autumn.

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