Another European Player Enters the SolutionMap Provider and Platform Benchmark Rankings

Strong in supplier risk management and quality management, Procurence, the Warsaw-based specialists in SaaS tools for procurement and supply, quality management and compliance/HSE, made its debut in the Q2 release of SolutionMap, scoring in the Customer Leaders quadrant for all personas and in Emergent Contenders for CIO-Friendly. (Read more about the firm here.)

“Procurence is our newest Supplier Management vendor in SolutionMap and offers a suitable best-of-breed application for many mid-market companies that need a cost-effective and nimble solution, easily on par with many other best-of-breed providers,” say the SolutionMap analysts.

For a full explanation of what the different quadrants and personas mean please read How to Interpret SolutionMap Procurement Provider Technology Rankings, by our chief marketing officer.

Following its entry into the procurement technology service provider rankings, we talked to Procurence CEO, Matt Zaleski. Procurence, it would seem, has been under our radar while the firm spent several years developing its solutions, but, he explained, they now feel in a position to compete on the open market. The firm has been established since 2009 and focuses mostly on the more tactical and strategic side to procurement software.

The company was formed by ex-purchasing and supply chain risk consultants who were frustrated by the lack of business-need-related procurement tools - what was available they found cumbersome to use. What they developed was something aimed at business users, not just geared towards IT, but still allowing for tight systems integration. Another main goal was to create something that could be installed standalone, be up and running within a week, and able to integrate with other systems as the business need demanded.

The suite, Procurence Meercat®, comprises full Supplier Lifecycle management, from registration, on-boarding, classification, performance and risk management, and development to final phase-out, mostly aimed at mid-size and large organisations.

The company prides itself on its support module for New Product Introductions / PPAP / APQP, for those companies that constantly innovate and bring new products to market. This helps co-ordinate globally distributed R&D, purchasing and production organisations to smooth out the preparations for series production, avoid late delivery of technical drawings and lower the pressure this creates on Supplier Quality Management, often just weeks before production starts. From drawings to supplier selection and target costing to compliance and warranty levels, Matt describes ‘quality-oriented procurement’ as the ‘missing link in the business process.’

The Risk Response module enables faster response to risk, which he places in two categories, ‘Snowball’ – where the risk slowly develops into a bigger problem, this might be financial or down to poor processes, the kind of risk you don’t see straightaway, and ‘Lightning Bolt’ – risk that suddenly affects the firm and is out of its control, like transport problems, strikes etc. (Procurence partners with riskmethods on this, to feed risk information into its system.) Its holistic approach tags suppliers that might form risk or be susceptible to risk, and allows for communication between stakeholders.

“What they believe differentiates them in the market, and accounts for their position as a Customer Leader in SolutionMap, is their understanding of business. As experienced purchasing professionals and business consultants first and foremost, Matt says, they talk things through with the client. The aim is not just to give the client what they ask for, but to discuss, understand their business needs and work out a solution that can help future scenarios, not just the current one-off problem.”

Last month the firm received a Supplier Management Seal of Approval from BME, Germany’s largest Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics. It took the shape of a several-week-long audit of the software against a catalogue of over 180 criteria. Matt said in a press release, “The award of this seal of approval and the high score (96.3%) objectively confirms what we've known all along: our software solution is functionally at par with the industry's giants.”

To judge for yourself, Spend Matters’ Provider Scoring Summaries are released quarterly alongside the latest SolutionMap rankings. The summary solution scoring contains a breakdown of a provider’s scores relative to the overall average for a selection of sub-category requirements and capabilities. The reports also contain a full-page breakdown of those providers that have achieved Value Leader, Solution Leader or Customer Leader status by persona in each solution category of the Q2 2019 SolutionMap.

Spend Matters continuously tracks providers across the entire procurement and supply chain technology landscape, so we will watch with interest this relatively new player carve out its place in this competitive market.

In the meantime, if you’d like to understand more about how to become included in the SolutionMap rankings, read this. Participation is free, and a good place to start is to register your profile on our free Almanac provider listing.


Note: Spend Matters UK/Europe has not formally vetted this product, this is based on conversations with the vendor. Use SolutionMap for our own interpretation of how the solution ranks in the market.

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