Another procurement New Year’s Resolution

As we approach the New Year, this is a good time – perhaps the final time if you want to get a good head start on your resolutions - to check out our Ten New Year’s Resolutions paper, available via the BravoSolution website.

We gave you a taste of it the other day – it is light-hearted but with some serious and perhaps useful points. Here is another resolution just to whet your appetite:

“Resolution no. 6 - Whatever my personal views about Mars Bars, I will think about the Mars principle of mutuality.

The Mars organisation – one of the most successful in the world – has 5 core principles. One is Mutuality – which means that “everyone who interacts with Mars should benefit from that relationship”. And that includes suppliers. That can work at many levels, and it doesn’t mean you have to be weak in terms of negotiation – Mars certainly weren’t (in my day) and aren’t now. But it does mean not exploiting your suppliers unreasonably; and at a very simple level, it means treating them with courtesy. And that would be a big step forward – talk to suppliers and it won’t be long before you hear stories of unforgivable rudeness from customers or potential customers (not always procurement staff I should say). Simple courtesy and professionalism can in themselves go a long way towards fulfilling the “mutuality” principle”.

And we also have an extra, bonus resolution (11 for the price of 10!) aimed at service providers, consultants and similar.. but you’ll have to get a copy of the whole paper if you want to know what that is!

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