Another Procurement Pub Debate – Is Procurement Doomed?

Tuesday June 23rd - put the date in your diary now!

Following the success of our recent Pub Debate (see here and here), sponsored by Procserve, we're delighted to say we have another debate coming soon - Tuesday June 23rd to be precise, from 5.30 - 7pm. "What a great evening" was the most frequent comment we got from our last debate - "fun and thought provoking" was another.*

The venue will be another fine London Pub. We have a private room booked in the Old Bank of England in Fleet Street, next door to the Royal Courts of Justice. Snacks and drinks provided, courtesy of another one of our sponsors, advanced sourcing software provider Trade Extensions.

And we think we have a great topic for debate. You may remember a guest post from Garry Mansell of Trade Extensions here, in which he argued that separate supply chain and procurement functions may disappear and morph into something rather different. So we've decided to take that theme as our topic for the debate. I have also been speaking about the likely development of procurement recently and my concerns for the future, so it fits well with that too. So our topic is this:

This (Public) House Believes that Procurement is Doomed!

With the sub-title "The digital revolution and other factors will make procurement functions a thing of the past by 2025".

Yes, we decided to go for something a bit controversial. Now, there are a few drivers that could take us in that "doomed" direction. So we will take a look at what exactly might spell the end for procurement - and the "digital" in the sub-title is a bit of a clue to some of the issues we may cover on that side of the argument.

On the other hand, we can also make a pretty good case for procurement thriving in the future, guaranteeing the continuing growth and success of the profession. Positive factors such as the growth in outsourcing, globalisation, better understanding of supply chain risk ... and so on.

Anyway, let's not get too far into that now. We will announce our speakers - for and against the motion - shortly (and actually, I'm thinking I may well speak rather than chair the event this time). But for the moment, put the date in your diary - we would love to see you on the 23rd June.

* (References available on request!)

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