Just another typical boring Thursday

I had a strange day yesterday. It started well with a trip to a junior school in Stratford.  A much nicer junior school than mine, and aren't the teachers young these days!?

It's sometimes easy to lose sight of what we do in terms of how it affects the real end user, so it was a visit I really enjoyed - I was there to talk to the school who were one of the first users of the ESPO catering services framework call-off platform which uses Intenda software. We wrote about that here and in our White Paper (which is still available for download). Hearing about how getting the catering supplier and contract right can save the school money, improve service and quality, and even encourage better learning amongst the kids was quite inspirational.

More on that case study to follow. After the school, the first part of the drive home, from Stratford to Banbury, must be one of the most beautiful 15 miles of road in England, particularly in the Autumn sunshine.  Then I stopped at Tesco, Banbury for a sustaining pork pie.

I got home in time for an introductory chat and webex with b-pack, who featured strongly in the eProcurement Gartner report we've been covering. Very interesting, and more to come on that too.

Then later on, a less enjoyable end to the day. At a presentation / debate that my neighbour persuaded me to attend, I was (indirectly to be fair) accused of heinous crimes. Basically, a group that I guess I'm part of (and no, it's not Sunderland supporters, real ale drinkers or even bloggers...) was accused of being wholly responsible for the decine of morals in western society.

Oh well, you can't have it all I suppose... I was a bit upset, but I went home, had a beer, a fag, a spliff, read my Penthouse mag, checked my securitised credit derivative short positions and felt much better.....

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