Anyone for tennis? Negotiation needs practice too…

A good friend of mine wants a game of tennis. I’m making excuses, because I know I will lose.

But I beat him when we last played, best part of ten years ago. And if we go back a little further, it would have been 6-0, 6-0. He hardly played then, preferring cricket, squash and golf (in all of which he was and is superior to me).  And I was playing at a reasonable level – moderate club second team level, so I would get slaughtered by County players but beat the casual Sunday morning bunch comfortably.

However, I have played about twice in the last five years. I am still quite fit, but severely out of practice as far as tennis goes. I wouldn’t dream of jumping back onto the court for an important club match if my old teammates called me up tomorrow.  And my friend is playing less cricket and more tennis, to my chagrin.

That’s all quite understandable, I’m sure.  Yet there are business skills that decay in exactly the same manner, but without most of us recognising that this is the case.  And negotiation is a case in point...

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