Apologies to Norfolk – procurement CAN Tweet directly!

We owe an apology to Al Collier, the Procurement Director for Norfolk Council, and a kick up the backside to the Guardian.

Norfolk Coastline - much under-rated

I should know better that to trust major national newspapers to be accurate I suppose. But our piece on Wednesday about Norfolk communicating contract opportunities via Twitter wasn’t correct when we suggested – based on the Guardian article – that procurement was having to hand off the Tweeting to their Communications colleagues. (I must admit, there was a little bit of a mischievous “let’s have a go at Comms” in my post as well!)

Not so, Collier tells me.

“The Guardian report is inaccurate about this aspect. Procurement runs the account, not comms. We liaise with comms to cross-promote between our account and the main county council account over issues of interest to both audiences (e.g, at present, rural broadband)”.

Anyway, I’m hoping to use this as an excuse to speak to Collier further though – he’s one of the most interesting people I know in public sector procurement, so this might be a good chance to talk to him about what is going in local government land… watch this space!

But our post did also draw some excellent comments – do take a look here. Bid submissions on Twitter – 140 characters and no attachments, anyone? Or an entire PIN (prior indicative notice) for a contract opportunity? And as “Phoenix” says:

Not looking forward to getting tweet from an unsuccessful bidder that reads: “Objecting to standstill decision on contract award due to lack of transparency in scoring process for furniture designs. Issuing proceedings”

Brilliant – and exactly 140 characters! So here’s a challenge – our Easter holiday competition.

What’s the worst Tweet you, as a procurement professional, can imagine receiving from a supplier?

First prize, lunch with the Editor and a copy of my co-authored book. Second prize, two lunches… oh, I don’t know, we’ll think of something interesting. But seriously, 140 characters that would make your blood run cold. Submit it as a “comment” here or by email to me at psmith@spendmatters.com.

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Voices (26)

  1. VegasChild:

    We have photos of the “lift incident”

  2. Dr Gordy:

    Please accept this a a FoI request from SpendMatters …

  3. ezequiel:

    I am afraid your continued lack of response and respect for.our relationship takes us to decide not to accept a contract extension. Hoping for a new chance in the future

  4. Dan:

    Now we’ve been appointed as NHS provider we would like to say: Cough up, fleshbags.

  5. adam alphin:

    “I think your bluffing, you don’t have a competitive bid. We’re sticking to our price.”

  6. marketdojo:

    Dear customer, the shipment of batteries for your nuclear armament – sorry I mean personal use – has been dispatched.

  7. David Atkinson:

    I regret to inform you that your application for (delete as appropriate) marketing/ops/finance/HR(!)/anywhere/ has been unsuccessful. #doomed

  8. stephen ashcroft:

    We are not able to progress this but thank you for the opportunity to consider supplying @Farrington1978. #truestory

  9. John Vasili:

    Brown envelope on its way, we did say £5k to get the contract right? don’t worry about the ABC act we do this all the time..

  10. Peter Smith:

    You know that incredibly low probability / huge impact scenario we discussed in our supply chain risk meeting? You’ll never believe it but…

  11. Plan Bee:

    Norfolk Coastline – much undersea

  12. Plan Bee:

    Thanks for your post – you’ve won our monthly prize of a Spend Matters Mug!

    1. Plan Bee:

      Not that it matters, they dont exist anyway

  13. Alastair:

    Has your chief executive told you about the deal he and I made at golf yesterday?

  14. marketdojo:

    “Don’t worry, we make sure all our employees still have time to do their school home-work once they get back from our factories.”

    1. Dan:

      “We even let them have smoking breaks if they meet their quotas.”

      1. marketdojo:

        and a very generous referral scheme if they recruit their younger siblings.

        1. Dan:

          Our industrial relations are so progressive we hardly ever thrash them anymore.

  15. Dan:

    “Had a great time with you last Friday and am really looking forward to working with you. Candie sends her regards.”

    1. marketdojo:

      Hi, it’s Candie here. I forgot to tell you, I’m only recently a ‘she’.”

      1. Dan:

        P.S I found some really interesting photo’s on my camera from that night…

  16. marketdojo:

    Damn – was beaten to it by B&T. Along the same lines though, how about:

    “Just paid your rebate as agreed, apologies if I I spelt your wife’s maiden name incorrectly….”

  17. VegasChild:

    You’ve got a better deal than anyone else, you’re a great negotiator

  18. bitter and twisted:

    ‘Is it the Cayman account or the Swiss account this time ?

  19. Dan:

    “Not happy with decision. Hello lawyers. Goodbye career”

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