An apology to BME – German procurement Institute bigger than I thought

We wrote the other day about CIPS and their expansionary thoughts about Europe, and commented that CIPS was easily the biggest Institute in Europe in the procurement field.

It's been pointed out to me by a well connected non-UK friend (not a German) that I may have done BME, the German Institute, a dis-service. I was basing my comment on their own website that talks about 8,000 members - a fraction of CIPS 50,000 plus.

But he pointed out to me that BME have both individual AND corporate members, so it's not a like for like comparison. He believes that BME has an annual turnover of over 20 million Euros, which would make them somewhat larger than CIPS on that basis, and what is for sure is that their annual conference event attracts over 2,000 delegates - something CIPS can only dream about as theirs typically has had perhaps 200 delegates.

So apologies to BME, and perhaps CIPS will have a bit more competition than I thought if they make a big strategic move into mainland Europe...

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