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(Here is another in our series from Hadewij Van De Kamp, who writes for our new site Spend Matters  Netherlands. She’s reviewing Apps, deisgned for your smartphone or tablet, with a procurement or supply chain angle...)

How annoying is it when your business inbox has become infected with umpteen purchase orders and other authorizations, that lie there because you just do not have the opportunity to approve them?

SAP has developed an app that can help you with this. With the SAP Cart Approval you have access to a mobile app for your iPhone, which enables you to manage the approval process at any time that suits you. The risk of missing critical items or queues should therefore be reduced.

This app connects to the SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) module and identifies the moment that a purchase order is ready for approval. With the App you can of course see purchase order lines, but also details of the applicant and any other authorizers.

Based on the obtained input the order can be accepted or rejected. What is useful is the ability to contact the requisitioner directly and also add rejection or approval comments.

Other apps from SAP work more or less the same, and SAP claims to already have 53 apps that the Procurement and Supply Chain Manager should consider. For instance, there is SAP Inventory Manager, which enables you to check inventory at all times, and accept and distribute materials.

The SAP Transport Tendering App provides the ability to manage freight quotes and tender , check the status of quotations view, and approve or reject. The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile provides insight into your key performance indicators and helps to manage critical business intelligence.

The big disadvantage of course is that you must have chosen SAP! But the cart Approval App works on Apple or Blackberry platforms as well.

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  1. Ulli Hoffmann:

    Hi Hadewij,

    thanks for the summary and review. It will be interesting to see how companies will adopt these mobile offerings. A key factor will probably be how easy a user can access and download these apps in the corporate environment. Besides that, for the apps mentioned above it’s not enough to have a SAP SRM system running. SAP also requires the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and an add-on called Gateway for their mobile apps. Not easy to predict whether such an investment will pay off in the future.

    Looking forward to read more from you.



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