Apple’s contract terms: are they shifting risk onto suppliers?

We got our hands on some of Apple's (publicly available) contract templates, got together with Seal Software and IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) to analyze them, and we're presenting our findings during a webinar on June 25. We'd love it if you would join!

Another webinar in the works: are you sick of hiring seemingly incompetent freelancers? We can help with that: Build it (Right) and They Will Come: Becoming a “Client of Choice” to the Independent Workforce

We're also pleased to present two new papers for you to download immediately:

Now into the news. Jason Busch, Thomas Kase, and Xavier Olivera spent the majority of the week at Coupa's INSPIRE conference. Here's their coverage:

That's a lot of Coupa. Here's a musical palate cleanser from Anonymous' 1976 album Inside the Shadow that my husband dug up recently:

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