Aravo and Iasta get it together

Aravo and Iasta announced a partnership on Friday. Regular readers will know both firms. Iasta  (one of our sponsors,  to declare an interest) produce sourcing, spend analytics and related software, with a big emphasis on providing impressive "dashboards" for the procurement executive, giving a valuable overview of what's going on in their command. Aravo are in the supplier information management field - we featured their recent link-up with Colin Maund's new firm, Helios, here.

Here’s an extract from the press release.

“This is an exciting relationship for IASTA,” said David Bush, Chief Executive Officer for IASTA. “As the leader in sourcing and spend analytics solutions, we understand the critical need for effective supplier management and supply chain risk and compliance solutions and services. Aravo provides those capabilities and allows us to continue leading our industry by delivering the most comprehensive suite of solutions and services in the market today.”

What's in it for both firms? Well, Aravo had a relationship with Spend Radar on the spend analytics side of things. But Spend Radar were acquired by the acquisition machine that is Sci-Quest a few months back, and Sci-Quest also have the supplier risk management business that they gained through the purchase of AECSoft in 2011. So Sci-Quest are competitors of Aravo, who therefore need a different analytics partner.

“Our partnership with IASTA rounds out Aravo's ability to deliver a complete set of end-to-end SVM solutions and services to our customers,” said Michael Saracini, Chief Executive Officer, Aravo Solutions Inc. “No other SVM offering available delivers the combination of domain experience, features and business process best practices that Aravo and IASTA bring to the table.”

For Iasta, who have grown their own suite internally (and impressively) over the last few years, this brings another key part of the jigsaw, and one that is perhaps relatively expensive to develop internally. And, as we've been saying for a while, a greater focus on the supplier is a strong trend and current theme in our world, and therefore in supporting technology also.

I’m not sure this is a game-changer in the market, but if you're already a client of either firm, it's worth exploring what this means and how it might help meet your needs.  It will help both firms compete for new business where the requirement is particularly broad, although if you're in the market for a wide-ranging suite, then you should ask about exactly this partnership might mean to you as a customer, and how it will work in practical terms.  But overall, it looks like a positive move for users of procurement technology, and a sensible one for the firms involved.

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