Are You Really MANAGING Procurement? (Or Does Stuff Just Happen …)

Our autumn series of webinars continues on October 23rd at 12 noon UK time.  (1pm in much of Europe etc).

Are You Really MANAGING Procurement? (Or Does Stuff Just Happen…) is a bit different from our usual topics though. We tend to look at a particular process or technology area – sourcing, risk management and so on. But on the 23rd we’re looking at something very fundamental and very important - the way the procurement function actually operates.

That’s pretty core really – however great the processes, systems and people are in theory, what really matters in terms of performance is how efficiently, effectively and productively the procurement team delivers results.

I’ll be going back during this session to some of the issues I remember facing as a CPO. Allocating end-of-year bonuses to staff when I didn’t always know who had really done what …  responding to the demand from the boss to “put someone onto this new project immediately,” when my whole team were telling me they were working to capacity already … keeping track of savings and benefits delivered …  Many of you will have experience of that sort of issue, but we don’t talk about those management challenges much in the profession.

So on the 23rd I’ll be joined by Pierre Lapree, founder of Per Angusta and Glen Lovett, Head of Group Procurement for FirstGroup for this webinar, to discuss how procurement functions and teams can work better by considering programme management issues such as planning, prioritising, recording and reporting. It’s all about working more professionally – and having the tools to communicate procurement’s achievements outside the team.

So register now and learn how to ;

  • Run an effective procurement function or department - plan workload, allocating projects and activities to individuals in an effective manner.
  • Avoid internal “bottlenecks” caused by ineffective planning or management – and at the same time avoid over-stressed professionals!
  • Record the progress of sourcing and other procurement projects, and capture the benefits (including savings).
  • Use reporting tools (including dashboards and scorecards) for internal purposes and with stakeholders to communicate the activities and benefits delivered by the procurement team.
  • See how Per Angusta’s solution can help plan, prioritise and report on procurement activities



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