Are you Really Managing Procurement – Per Angusta Webinar Available On-Demand

Our recent webinar was titled Are you Really Managing Procurement – or Does Stuff Just Happen? It was sponsored by solution provider Per Angusta, and seemed to go well, we felt. It was particularly good to have participation and a case study from Glen Lovett, Head of Group Procurement for transport giant FirstGroup plc.  

That was a deliberately provoking title, by the way, based in part on my own time as a CPO when, in retrospect, I did at times just let things happen. Per Angusta’s solution aims to help procurement leaders get a real grip on what is going on in the function, to plan and report on activities and benefits delivered.

It is always a positive to have a real-life client involved in this sort of session, and Glen certainly provided real insight.  Pierre Lapree, the founder of Per Angusta, told us a bit about the product, and I tried to give the context - in this case, why project planning / management and savings tracking are vital processes that underpin procurement performance.

I also used a couple of stories from my time as a CPO – for instance, that moment when your boss says “good news Peter, we’ve got a big new project and we want procurement to be involved. Who are you going to put onto it – they need to start tomorrow”?

Yes, it is good news, but everyone in my team tells me they are really busy! Who might have some capacity (and capability of course)? How can I shuffle the pipeline – which projects are delivering big benefits, which could be delayed? In my day, I confess, there was much guesswork involved in these decisions.

But the highlight for me during webinars like this is hearing how a user such as Lovett is actually getting value from the product, and I’m sure that was the most useful thing for delegates.  He spoke about the previous situation in the firm, with savings reporting carried out via various spreadsheets and methodologies, no visibility of the project pipeline for procurement, and little sense of how effective procurement really was.

Introducing the Per Angusta system enabled procurement to implement a work planning and allocation system along with a single saving methodology, with good engagement from finance, sign off on savings and much stronger visibility of current and upcoming work.

I asked Lovett whether there was any sense from staff that “big brother was watching them” now he and others could see what people were working on, progress, results and so on. Not at all, he said. In fact, he felt the system had given the team more confidence in what they were doing, and made other stakeholders more aware of procurement work and successes. That becomes a self-reinforcing loop, I guess, with greater confidence within the team leading to better performance, which leads to more stakeholder satisfaction … and so on.

Anyway, you can still get hold of the webinar here, free on registration, so if any of the issues we’ve described strike a chord, it’s well worth 45 minutes of your time.


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