Emptoris and Ariba announce big account wins

Emptoris have announced that Bouygues, the most unpronounceable construction firm in Europe, have chosen their Supply & Contract Management solution suite to support their procurement operations and provide spend visibility across 7 operating units.  There will be a new "Bouygues Construction Purchasing organisation" with a target of reducing spend by 10% by 2012.

“We ultimately chose the partner who we thought would be the best to help increase Bouygues Construction’s competitive advantage. Emptoris will complement our specific industry and company practices and enhance the ability of our 250 Procurement professionals to better serve Bouygues Construction Operations and our diverse supplier base” said Dominique Lebigot, Chief Procurement Officer of Bouygues Construction.

High marks to Lebigot for talking about "competitive advantage", a phrase we don't hear enough from CPOs.   In an industry as tough as construction, that has to be what procurement - and indeed every part of the business - is focused on.  Boutygues is a large firm - 52,000 employees - so this is an impresisve win for Emptoris.

Meanwhile, Weetabix, makers of my third favourite breakfast cereal (healthy, bit bland, needs some dried fruit and banana to liven it up, but very quick to eat once it's gone soggy if you're in a hurry), have chosen Ariba as their platform.

"Weetabix has a strong reputation for its commitment to product quality," said Anthony Bowdidge, Head of Procurement at The Weetabix Food Company. "In order to maintain our standards, we must identify the right partners to deliver the goods and services we need and negotiate best-value agreements that allow us to optimize our cost structure and trading relationships. Ariba provides us with technology and best-practice processes through which we can achieve these goals."

Weetabix will use the Ariba Sourcing On Demand tools to "consolidate spend, identify opportunities for savings and drive them to the bottom line in both the UK and the United States".

Apparently Weetabix is "officially" the UK's favourite breakfast cereal.  Doesn't that make you wonder how you achieve that distinction?  Do you apply to the Royal Commission on Breakfasts?   Or the Minister for Muesli?  Or is there a national vote - using the cereal transferable vote system of course....(sorry!)

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  1. Kevin Potts:

    Peter – thanks for the notice here. I agree with your statement, “High marks to Lebigot for talking about “competitive advantage”, a phrase we don’t hear enough from CPOs.” While not said publicly very often, I am convinced it is more top of mind now than ever.

    Patrick Quirk, Emptoris’ CEO, convened the first meeting of his CEO Visionary Board a few months ago. CPOs from twenty customers, representing four continents and fourteen industries sectors, joined to discuss how their role is changing, what they need to be successful, and how technology can help.

    The central theme coming out of the two day working session was, “CPOs want their teams to take a more relevant, less back office role in their companies. They want to enable core business strategy and focus less on context not related to the core. To do so, procurement leaders need to demonstrate how their function intersects in ways that enable, not disable, core processes of the company.”

    When it comes to demonstrating alignment with the business, many questions were raised. How can Procurement align more closely with the business to meet company goals? How can my team partner with the business to make sure that they see the value that procurement brings to the table beyond cost savings? How do I bring forward innovative suppliers to drive the company’s growth? How do I provide internal customers the assurance that they got what they needed – and they got a good deal? A stated assumption was that the business will make the right decision if procurement teams provide them the data they need.

    I look forward to sharing more on this as the topic evolves.

    Kevin Potts
    VP of Product Management and Marketing
    Emptoris, Inc.

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