Ariba results and Jason Busch asks if they’ll acquire the whole world?

Jason at Spend Matters US is writing extensively this week about the Ariba financial results announced the other day and what they mean.  I won't duplicate him, but strongly recommend you take a look.  Start with his very insightful piece here about where Ariba might go in a market and product strategy sense, and potential acquisition targets.

There was no specific mention of Europe in the Ariba statement, so I asked Jason for his view; here it is.

"The European market remains wide open with Ariba yet to achieve a significant market position in sourcing and related areas compared with competitors and, as large organizations re-evalauate past Ariba Buyer decisions, declining market-share in enterprise P2P. "

He's right; I suspect the competition to Ariba is at least as strong in Europe as in the US. In sourcing and P2P they face strong European - domiciled competitors (BravoSolution, Basware, Hubwoo etc.) as well as US firms with a significant presence in Europe.  And they haven't made any appreciable impact I'm aware of in the public sector.  That's not to say Ariba aren't a powerful player; but they don't feel like the '800* lb gorilla' in the procurement technology market this side of the Atlantic.

* 362.9 kilos

(Footnote; of course, Murphy's Law, 2 minutes after writing this, I got pinged a press release with details of an impressive-looking Ariba customer win; Rentokil Initial). Perhaps the gorilla is awakening... or some such confused metaphor!)

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