Ariba results (stunning / reasonable / terrible) – hot off the press!

Late, very late last night (European time) Ariba announced their 1st Quarter results. In the interests of bringing you the hot news as quickly as possible, we've taken the innovative and radical step of pre-writing our high level report in advance, and we'll simply delete the inappropriate options when we actually get the results, thus saving vital minutes in our reporting timeliness.

We think this is a stance you will see other leading media outlets (the FT, WSJ, Grazia) following soon.  So if you like it, look out for more in the future...

Here we go.

Last night, Ariba announced 1st quarter results that were stunning / pretty impressive / caused multiple heart failure amongst the analyst community on Wall Street. 

Revenue growth was faster than a sunflower in the Oklahoma sunshine / around top end of analyst expectations at some 40% / in need of a dose of Viagra.

Much emphasis was placed on the fact that the Ariba network now includes every business in the known universe, except for a few firms in the Andromeda II galaxy / is still growing strongly and is the biggest in the world/ is getting eaten away by competitors like Coupa and SAP.

Their acquisitions, particularly b-process, were positioned as a great success / barely mentioned / described as bringing a whole bunch of difficult French people into the firm.

The profit from continuing operations was huge / basically zero once $4.6 million for amortization of intangible assets and $18.3 million for stock-based compensation was taken into account, but ahead of expectations if you take that out of the picture.

New client wins were very impressive / sound pretty good / non-existent. 

Senior management of the firm continue to earn huge sums from stock options / be fully committed to long term success / really enjoy the monthly barbecues.

So, all in all, it is clear that Ariba in the medium-term are likely to be the largest software firm in the world / at worst a significant and at best a dominant player in the P2P, supplier network  and e-invoicing market / another short-term shooting star.

We hope you enjoyed our incisive analysis!

And in all seriousness, pretty good results at first sight, and you can read more here.

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