Ariba, Springsteen and raking leaves; ideas for a November afternoon…

If you're looking for something to do this Sunday afternoon, here are three ideas.

1. Find some leaves to rake.... (please come round to my garden if you don't have any handy).

2.  If you're a Broooooooce Springsteen fan, you can listen to an hour's worth of streamed tracks from his new album, "The Promise (The Lost Sessions: Darkness on the Edge of Town)" on NPR here until November 16th. As the title suggests, this was recorded in 1977 but didn't make it onto that previous album.  There is some controversy from Bruce aficionados who feel he has re-recorded some of this, when they would rather have heard the original material.  But it sounds good to me anyway; most artists would love to have written this, but Springsteen could afford to forget it for 30 years! Amazing.

2.  Read 'Collaborative Commerce for Dummies" - a free (requires registration) 'e-book' from Ariba, available here. It is shorter than the usual  'Dummies' book but written in the same style, and I'm finding it readable and actually quite useful.  It is pretty simplistic in places, and obviously it is not going to point out any drawbacks in what (or whom) it is promoting, but it's good to see something aimed at non-experts in this field (the target readerships appears to be small / medium sized businesses, and not particularly procurement people).  Many of the technology White Papers and similar published assume considerable prior knowledge; this certainly does not, which makes a refreshing change.

Or you could always just have a snooze...

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