Autumn Conferences (part 1); Trade Extensions are Managing The Future

We told you here about the plethora of procurement solution providers who have conferences coming up in the next month or so, and gave some thoughts and tips generally if you are thinking of attending. We also said we would feature four of the events in more detail, so here in chronological order is the first of them.

Trade Extensions is holding a customer conference, “Managing the Future” on Thursday October 7th. It’s a one-day event at an out of the ordinary venue; Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium in north London. I’ve been there and the meeting facilities are very impressive (see picture of my last visit) – and delegates have the chance to take a tour of the stadium at lunchtime too. The day finishes with a dinner in the British Library for those who want to stay for that.

Whilst it is primarily for existing customers, there are a few places available – free of charge – to practitioners who are interested in both meeting and networking with current customers, and simply participating in an interesting day’s conference programme.

And, although I am biased, because I am speaking, it really should be a genuinely interesting day. The firm has gone for a strategy of focusing on general procurement issues and challenges rather than a day full of client case studies or presentations about the Trade Extensions product.

So as well as talking about the Future of Procurement (does it have one? -- a favourite topic of mine and  one that we should all be thinking about), I will also be leading an audience Q&A session. You will also have a chance to hear from Sigi Osagie and Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen. Osagie is a regular writer here and the author of the excellent book Procurement Mojo, and I know his session, Procurement Success: What to Pack for the Voyage of Change will undoubtedly be worth hearing.

Hemmingsen, from Denmark, is one of Europe’s most knowledge experts in the field of responsible / sustainable procurement and related issues (and she has an excellent website with a lot of useful resources available). She has recently moved back into the corporate world after running her own business, and she will be talking about Responsible Procurement 2.0 and the Circular Economy.

That is a fairly new concept which is gaining interest and takes concepts around re-cycling and sustainability a step or two further. There is also a session titled “Sourcing and supply in extreme environments” from the charity Médecins Sans Frontières, who work in disaster areas and must face some fascinating supply chain issues.

If you are interested in learning more about market informed sourcing (optimisation) too, this will be a good opportunity to ask some Trade Extensions clients how they make use of the technology. Those users include some of the absolute biggest firms in the world, with some of the largest and most complicated tenders, so there is plenty of interest there.

You can book here – see you on October 7th!

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