B2B Buyers Increasingly Want Purchases to Be As Simple as B2C

A recent report “Building The B2B OmniChannel Commerce Platform Of The Future” by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Accenture and hybris software, explored how B2B buyer expectations are matching their B2C experiences.  Within the 526 B2B companies and 930 B2B buyers surveyed across Canada, France, Germany, the US, and the UK, nearly half (49 percent) of their business and procurement professionals, at manager level and above, indicated a preference for buying work-related purchases from the same websites they use for personal purchases.

What could purchasing from B2C companies mean for B2B companies? How will it affect companies trying to manage their spending? Alex Kleiner, General Manager EMEA of Coupa, leading provider of cloud-based financial applications, gives his view.

"It is very true that B2B buyers across organisations increasingly want purchases to be made quickly and easily, to the point of now 'demanding' with a loud voice for the first time. For procurement teams that are responsible for spend management and optimisation, this is a concern they will have to consider in the future. When employees use other services outside the remit of the procurement team, this represents a double whammy.

Firstly, it leads to potential additional costs caused by paying prices that are not subject to company discounting or the Finance function’s control. Secondly, it also means there is a loss of visibility as these purchases now can’t be managed or analysed for future savings opportunities either.

There is also the distinct possibility that people are going out and buying items that the company already has in its inventory. Advancements in digital technology can be great for the employee and also for the procurement team. Giving employees a way to place orders that is not only quick but also involves a delightful user experience can greatly help procurement teams get more spend under management. This in turn leads to greater savings over time.

Through a strategic procurement process, businesses can ensure that they are buying the most appropriate products and securing the best deals. By thinking more strategically about procurement, businesses can gain control and visibility over what is being purchased and when, allowing them to reduce costs and plan ahead for the future.”

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  1. alun@marketdojo:

    Within the consumer world, people are not constrained in what they use. They will typically go to the best sites which are the most popular and which will normally have the slickest design. This inevitably puts pressure on B2B providers, where many users are most likely forced onto, to make their software just as good. No one likes change and you can certainly see this in the next evolution of procurement software.

  2. B+t:

    but…are B2C sites actually that good?
    The consumer wants to buy something, knows what they like, and knows the value to them of the purchase.
    Try buying something functional on Amazon. You’ll tear you hair out.

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