BBC Radio 4 interview – we name the guilty non-gender specific personages!

I've just been interviewed for a possible future BBC Radio 4 programme.  It is an expose of wild sex, drugs and rock and roll in the UK's procurement community, with tales of debauchery, all night parties during reverse auctions, 24 hour heavy metal initiation rites featuring certain well known CPOs, cocaine being snorted through rolled up PQQs, and you really don't want to know what can be done with a fully quantified strategic supplier risk assessment!

I have named names, and the guilty men - and women - should fidget restlessly in their beds tonight.

OK.  Only the first sentence of this post is true.  It was a very interesting experience - never been interviewed for radio before.  Surprisingly nerve- wracking (until you get into your stride) given the lack of a camera, an audience or anything that you would think would make you nervous.

Anyway, I will tell you more when I know if / when it will be used.

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