BCG’s Inverto Announces New MD and Plans To Accelerate Growth in the UK

More Breaking News --  just hours ago, global management consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group announced the UK expansion of its procurement and supply chain subsidiary, INVERTO, and the placement of a new UK MD.

BCG took over Inverto AG in 2016 to expand its presence in the procurement and operations segment and the firm has been part of BCG since 2017, with operations based out of Germany. This announcement marks the first formalised presence of the company in the UK. The firm is an international business consultancy and one of Europe’s leading specialists in strategic procurement and supply chain management.

As newly appointed MD, Lance Younger, told Spend Matters, the firm "has been growing rapidly, with over 180 experts across Europe. It helps companies strengthen supply chain competitiveness and resilience, which is particularly important against the current backdrop of increasing economic and political uncertainty.  Inverto is an integral part of BCG's value proposition, complementing the firm's fast-growing operations practice with deep procurement and supply chain know-how. This expansion into the UK market means the two teams can work together more effectively on joint projects and benefit from geographical proximity."

As UK MD, Lance Younger, with 20 years' experience leading procurement transformation, enterprise cost reduction and supplier management, joins the Inverto leadership team to grow UK operations, and strengthen supply chain competitiveness and resilience.

“Procurement continues to be a critical component for organisations to both deliver commercial and supplier management value, Inverto’s unique procurement insight and comprehensive “360° Supply Intelligence” consulting approach, combine to consistently deliver a sustainable impact for our clients,” he said in a press release.

We've met Lance, all-round good guy, and he's been on our radar from his move to run a new technology division for State of Flux several years ago to his role of Inverto MD. We wish him well, and we'll be talking to him again in the coming weeks, especially with reference to improving procurement performance to enable business growth.

For now we'll leave you with this from him:

"Since 2000, Inverto have been collaborating with clients and their suppliers to reduce costs, mitigate risks, drive innovation and growth, and strengthening business relationships. Using proprietary intelligence, digital and analytical solutions, as well as advanced approaches like zero-based budgeting and demand management, we are accelerating procurement performance improvement across all industries.”

And this from Frank Cordes, BCG partner and Operations practice lead in Western Europe:

“Procurement is a key area where companies can deliver tangible financial improvements and increase resilience, which is particularly important during this period of increasing economic and political uncertainty. This is an exciting time for Inverto to be expanding its UK presence and it is an important part of our operations offering to clients in this region.”

We'll watch with interest.




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