BDO and ProcServe look at the benefits of eProcurement, and an invitation

ProcServe run the UK central government eMarketplace / supplier network, as well as similar platforms for the public sector in Wales, the Police sector and elsewhere. We featured recently the ProcServe workshop, where participants discussed how benefits could be derived from use of the valuable data that is being obtained via these marketplaces. (Read about it here and here).  ProcServe are now following that up with another session on the 17th September, 9.30 – 11.30am, at their offices in central London, which I will be facilitating again.

We want to take the ideas from the last workshop and turn them into some real action – how can we best use the data to help organisations improve their own procurement? What about the idea of ‘supplier ratings’? Can the data tell us whether SMEs offer better or worse value than the big suppliers, or whether “buying local” saves or costs us money?

There are some fascinating questions here and I’m sure it will be a worthwhile and interesting secession. If you’re a public procurement person – or indeed a private sector person who feel you have something to contribute – and you’d like to attend, please email

ProcServe also  recently engaged accounting firm BDO to carry out a  review of the benefits generated for users of their Network.  A report has now been produced, which shows that “organisations could save between 3 and 10 per cent on the price of low-cost, frequently purchased items by trading with suppliers via the Procserve Commerce Network”.

There can also be process savings of course.

“By integrating Procserve’s solution with its finance system and automating the whole purchasing process, one public sector department immediately achieved a staff time saving of 30%...  Trading with customers using the Procserve Commerce Network was found to reduce invoicing costs for suppliers from £3 per invoice to 50 pence, as well as providing faster payment”.

ProcServe and BDO have also produced a savings calculation tool, so organisations can assess how much they could be saving using the ProcServe Network. “The online calculator works by factoring in company characteristics with spend information to give a guideline figure for expected savings. This includes a ‘self-assessment’ of the company’s online procurement maturity so that the switch to digital procurement can be fully understood”.

We haven’t tried it yet – more to come when we’ve done so, and also on the BDO report. But in the meantime, you can access the savings calculator and the full report here.

And don’t forget the 17th September!

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