Where would we be without music? Bellowhead and Sam Willoughby impress

So the German parliament is reviewing the Irish nation's budget plans before Irish politicians get to see it.

A Cabinet without a single elected member is ruling Italy following the Franco-German bloodless coup, whilst the Greek people have been denied the chance to vote on their future, and a puppet Prime Minster has been installed by the same Franco-German elite.

Strange times, strange times, and it's hrad not to be somewhat concerned about how this will all play out. But... we still have music.

And I experienced one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen last week – the amazing Bellowhead. Folk-funk-punk-Brechtian-dance-folk is about the best description for them. They have eleven members playing goodness knows how many instruments, and their influences are everything from brass bands to traditional folk to Isaac Hayes type funk. They regularly win “best live folk artist” award but “folk” doesn’t really do them justice. Here’s a great sample of their genre-bending approach.

Earlier in the week, I stopped in the Trafalgar Square sunshine to make some phone calls and was very impressed by Sam Willougby, an Australian busker playing Neil Young, Cat Stevens, the Killers and Oasis. He has a stunning voice and is a pretty decent guitar and harmonica player. He's more than a busker really - has recorded albums and plays "real" gigs as well - but look out for him if you’re near the National Gallery and he's still in town! Here he is with one of his own songs.

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First Voice

  1. Alan:

    You went to see Bellowhead without asking me!! I would have gone to Camberley to see them.

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