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Do believe in this hype
Public Enemy said not to believe the hype, but in the case of supply chain finance, we think the exact opposite. David Gustin (Trade Financing Matters), Mark Demos (Integrate Financial), and Ed Berger (Nipendo) are giving a crash course in supply chain finance - focusing on what leading companies are already doing, and why you should be paying a lot more attention to this growing market sector.

Lots of procurement hodgepodge this week:

Coming soon
Selecting Source-to-Pay Technology - Modules vs. Suites vs. End-to-End Approaches
Jason Busch. Pierre Mitchell. Source-to-Pay technology selection advice. This is the unicorn of procurement webinars - a must-attend event.

New research
Customizing Your Supply Chain: Why, How, and "The Culture of Me"
How and why supply chain customization is becoming necessary.

Write Better RFPs: How to Get What You Want (and Need) From Suppliers
Fresh ideas on an old challenge.

No music this week, I'm afraid - haven't had much time to scout anything new and enjoyable. What's playing through your headphones??

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